To apply as exchange students to Tsuda University, students need to belong to one of the partner institutions which have student exchange agreement with Tsuda University, and students must be nominated by a home university. List of Tsuda University Partner Institutions.


Students are supposed to submit the following items to your institution’s international office. Please ask them for the application procedure, the prescribed forms and the submission deadline.


  • Application for Admission as an International Exchange Student -交換留学生願書
  • Official College Transcript -成績証明書
  • One Recommendation Letter from a Faculty Member -指導教員からの推薦状 1通
  • A photocopy of certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency Test or One Recommendation Letter from a Faculty Member or a Japanese Language Instructor Stating the Student's Japanese Language Ability -日本語能力試験の合格証明書のコピーまたは日本語の教員からの推薦状
  • An Extra Copy of A Photograph for Personal Identification (4cm long x 3cm wide) -証明書用写真1枚(4x3 cm)
  • A Photocopy of Passport ID Page -パスポートの個人情報が掲載されているページのコピー
  • Application for Certificate of Eligibility -CoEの申請書